The Chambers

A section of The Chambers



East of Central Spawn


Gringos Clam, Sir Chandestroy


August 9th, 2011



Where Zion is a place where Man Beats Nature, the Chambers are where Man Barely Survives Nature. The Chambers are a maze of narrow, twisty passages and small rooms deep beneath the earth. The Chambers are poorly lit, using a bare minimum of torches-because while coal is plentiful, wood is rare. The rocks sing soft echoes of the dying screams and clashing swords.....


The Chambers are the ultimate Death Tag experience! Suitable from 2-a totally arbitrary number of players, it is awesome. The players put on the skin of their team colour (Red or Blue) in a team match, or keep their regular skins for a free-for-all. There is a locker room for the players to store their gear before the game begins.

How To PlayEdit

Kill everyone who is not on your team!

The first team to kill everyone wins!

Teams may or may not kill each other during or after the game.

There are diferent game types:

  • Free-For-All: Everyone goes on a murderous rampage against their "friends." The winner is the last one alive.
  • Team Match: All players split up into Red Team and Blue Team. The first team to wipe out the other wins.
  • Rebellion: 1 person (the King) wears diamond armour and carries a diamond sword. Everyone else gets wooden swords, and have to try to kill the King.
  • Fire Baron: 1 person gets a lighter and chases the rest of the players through the maze trying to burn them to death.