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The Test Tank where the subject is exposed to different fluids, causing his/her DNA to change

Location: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Owner: Unknown

History Edit

The labs have always been a myth, but they have never been confirmed. Several people have been trying to solve the mystery, but they all vanished without a trace within a week after they had started researching. The location have also never been confirmed, but some people clamis that its located in Pandora Town, as Creepers, Zombies and skeletons spawns there day and night.

The Mystery Edit

An article written by a now gone jouranlist claims that it's SnowStone Labs that created the first Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons by using the people who had been researching them as test subjects for their experiments. This was never proven, as the labs never was found in any official papers, so the Monster invasion is yet a mystery too.