Iradian City (8th Aug 11)

City Information


Central Iradian, co-ordinates 450,-730

City Owner

Gringos Clam


Early Sweets Era, dates unknown


Travelling south from Lakeview, you come around a small hill to see Iradian’s mighty walls rising before you. Built around Castle Iradian, this Medieval City has a bustling community of hardworking people. Protected from monsters by the walls, with a T.N.H. portal for easy access, Iradian City is a great place for new and old builders alike. It also has its own Harbour, Church (to the glory of whatever god you choose), Apothecary (which sells dyes), Dungeons (So behave...), Museum (It used to be a train station), and Blacksmith. There is plenty of room to build within the walls, and the Lord of Iradian is always ready to levy a tax of cobblestone to expand the city walls. Regardless of where you may end up building a mansion, Iradian City is a nice and welcoming place to return to for protection from the horrors of the night.