Region Information:Edit


Situated south of Lakeview and East of Pandora (South). Region capital: 450, -730.

Region OwnerEdit



August 2011 (Post-Creativebuild )



Remote Era (Before Creativebuild month)Edit

Long ago, a man named Gringos Clam set out from Lakeview to make his fortunes in distant lands. After braving the creeper-infested mountains, he found a peaceful lake, surrounded by mountains. He built a bridge out into the lake, and constructed a mighty floating castle. He called this castle Castle Iradian, and began to mine the earth for iron and diamond. In time, Zeeky came and built a house on a nearby mountain, and a road led between them and the Hamaguri Dojo, built by Gringos for ninja training. A train station was built, one end of the subway line from Lakeview.

The TNH began as a nether bridge connecting Castle Iradian's portal to Wolfje's Fort's portal, and Gringos expanded it to every portal it led to before Creativebuild.

City Era (After Creativebuild month)Edit

After Creativebuild, the lake was filled in, and a city rose around the castle. It was given its own warp. The city was named Iradian City. The subway was filled in, the station turned into a museum. The Hamaguri Dojo was torn down to make room for the Church.

The Lakeview WarEdit

As Iradian City grew, it unknowingly built on Lakeview lands. Lakeview declared war on Iradian. Since nobody lived in Lakeview anymore, it was burned, sacked and pillaged by Iradian, and a large portion of its land was taken by Iradian.