Default [D]Edit

Hello there and welcome to the server! If you're in the default group you wont have access to build rights. That means, you can only spectate and look around the server. The commands you have access to are.



This brings up the Message of the Day. This message usually appears when you login to the server anyway. but incase you need a reminder, /motd will get you it.


Pretty self-explanatory.


Stargate UseageEdit

You are also allowed to use the "nether"-portal network. Simply right click the sign to select your destination then tap the button. Step through the portal!

Trusted [T]Edit

You have that [T] next to your name? Welcome to build rights! It costs $1 to become a trusted member. By trusted we assume you're trust worthy enough to build and destroy respectfully without griefing and wasting your money because of a ban.



This command tells gives you information about your current location, coordinates and direction facing.

/home setEdit

This sets your home teleport to your current location.


This teleports you to your home. (Must have "/home set" set!)


This command allows you to buy items from the Global Shop.

Layout: /buy itemname/id #

Example: /buy stone 10 - Will make you purchase 10 clean/smooth stone from the shop.


In order for this command to work. you must have the item you want to sell in your hand.


This displays the amount of money your current have.

/money topEdit

This displays the server's rankings. Are you on top?

/money rankEdit

Displays your current ranking, total money in the server.

/money payEdit

Allows you to send money to other players.

Layout: /money pay USERNAME #

Example: /money pay oppdelta 1200 - Pays the user oppdelta 1200. (1200 will be subtracted from your own account though!) You're giving the person money.


This is mainly for incharacter RPing.

Example: /me says hello - *player says hello

/list /who /playerlistEdit

These will give a list of current players on the server. /who also displays what Group they are in.


Sign LiftsEdit

As a trusted member you're allowed to use public [Lift Up/Down] signs.


Well. Simply right click a sign that has [Lift Up] or [Lift Down] on the SECOND line. (Preferably with an empty hand).

Join a Spleef gameEdit

/spleef join GAMENAME

Chest SecurityEdit

Place a sign 1 block around a chest. Putting [Private] on the first line will lock that chest to you.

As well as!Edit

You also inherit "Defaults" commands. So whatever they do, you can do too!

VIP [V]Edit

To become a VIP you must either be common on the server. Nice, calm. Build awe inspiring things! Or just pay an extra $2 >.>


/stack /sEdit

This will stack all your items in your inventory.. All nice and clean! (Sometimes it stack items that don't normally stack, like apples!) =D


This will teleport you back to your last teleported place. It can also (SOMETIMES) teleport you back to where you died.


You wont need a watch again! Displays the map time.


This allows you to teleport directly to the capital of every major region. Saves using the portals if you get to lazy.


This empties your inventory. (not your hot bar.) To empty everything type /clear -a


Create Sign LiftsEdit

You get the ability to create [Lift Up/Down] signs! For public use or Private.

You also inherit Default and Trusted commands/features.