Gringos Clam, Grin, Gringo, Clam, "You are NOT Dr McNinja!"




Castle Iradian, Iradian City, Iradian

Notable Acheivements:

Building T.N.H. and Iradian City's walls (Also being awesome)

Favourite mob:


Favourite Block:

?????What kind of question is that?


One of the few non-furries on the server, and is awesome

A quote:

"HAH! Told you I'd make a page about how awesome I am, Delta!"



For a long time, Gringos (aka grin, gringo, clam, or 'You are NOT Dr McNInja") was the only non-furry on the server, until Creativebuild (To the best of his knowledge). He built Castle Iradian and founded Iradian. He also built the Hamaguri Dojo, but this was destroyed to make room for Iradian City's Church. He built the church and the attached graveyard on Creativebuild.

Gringos also made The Crescent, Pandora, and usually wears a Dr McNinja or normal ninja skin. He was also the builder of most of the T.N.H. He enjoys "ninja-ing" about and sneaking into other people's houses, but don't worry; he never, EVER, takes anything or damages the place. Sometimes he even leaves a chest with items in it!

Gringos does not hate furries. He thinks they are crazy and weird, but he likes crazy and weird people better than normal people. HE IS NOT SCARY!

Gringos and sir_chandestroy made/are working on this game. Go try it out, tell us wat you think!

Cityscape Download

It is actually pretty fun, even thought the graphics are....well....yeah. Sorta shitty. We did everything except the music ourselves in gamemaker. Coming soon! Pizza place, unlockable ipod (to change the game music), possibly a jail and some kind of police thing.