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Fuzzys' is a small, but friendly, community MineCraft server. It costs $1 to join. With this generous donation it helps keep the server up and there's very little to no griefing. (Because you still get some idiots =P).

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Catch Up

Server Info

After a couple days calming time for the SQL database (The thing that everything is stored on. Your MONEH! and the server logs). It seems to have settled and server stats will now resume. Sorry...whatever you've done this past couple didn't get logged. Sorry again.


Security Updates

Added security and anti-xray plugins. Cuz I've seen a couple of you doing naughty-naughties! You'll be getting a message from me soon enough about it.

iConomy/Shop Update

View the Global Shop for a list of items on sale in the global shop. Also created multiple aliases for items. Eg: you can now type /buy 1 1 OR /buy stone 1 OR /buy smooth 1 OR /buy smoothstone 1 etc...

New Ideas

Virtual Chest

There's a plugin called Virtual Chest . It allows you to basically have a...well...cyber/virtual chest. Which can be accessed through a command. I've already decided that only VIP's can use this feature. (If you vote for it to be implemented). Of course though...there will be costs. To create a virtual chest will be 200K Credits. (Small Chest) and 350K Credits for a large chest. Each access will be an additional 1,000C's. So be wise and careful. (Then again I might reduce this to 100C's.) Please provide your input, suggestions, opinions in the discussion page HERE. Thank you.


Occasionally, there are events. Spleef games or a community project. The table below displays any upcoming events.

Event Name Event Time Event Date
TNH Revamp All Day 20th August

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