Canid Valley. With Home-Tree.

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Situated at the south of Candia, at coordinates: 15,580.

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4th August 2011 (New Generation Era)


The lands before time.Edit

Nearly 5 months ago. Before the new map of Sweets. There was the map called Glacier. Glacier was the first public map on the server. Unfortunatly due to chunk corruption it was discontinued. There are currently little to none pictures of this map. But. Long ago, foxycross wandered the lands, in search for an awe sight to which he can found a little village.

The small village was called Canid Valley. Allowing the canids of the furry world to live in peace, in a communist setting of trade and care for the community.

The village flourrished; becoming the main trade center for the map Glacier. A spirit tree was constructed in the center of the natural valley. J_Fox_of_Chaos made the roots of this tree his home.

The great fireEdit

On an unknown date, the server fire guard protection plugin went offline, back in the days before there was any form of logging blocks and rolling back griefing or damages, causing fire to spread. Infinately, before fire was nerf. The town fell to ashes. With most of the town build of wood, the damage was devastating, with more than 70% structural damage. The spirit tree took a hard hit too. It took the community nearly 4 days to restore the valley back to its former glory.

The New GenerationEdit

On the 4th of August 2011. Foxycross sent oppdelta a story, a present to their love (Can be read below). Inspired by its words, oppdelta set off North West. Looking for a pleasing valley to construct the new Canid Valley city. He found it! With a few ingame touch ups. He created the spirit tree, by hand. Trying desperatly to resemble it to the story. The valley is guarded from mob spawning. Due to the home-tree's magical powers.

Other InformationEdit

FoxyCross backstory.Edit

I have been a resident of the land known as the Canid Valley for almost a decade now. The story of our coming to this small valley was one of a miracle. Our land was desolate, utterly desolate before we’d come across it. I, and a few other furs, mostly canids had come by a frigate boat with me from Europe. We heard rumors of an untouched land that was filled with wonder and unspeakable danger, that no authority dare stake claim there for it’s menagerie of apparent inhabitants. We were all from various creeds and beginnings, but we all had similar goals in coming here… usually it was to get away from something, or to start something for ourselves… We had become pioneers when we found the beautiful continent. It was void, and we set to work.

Other inhabitants had come by eventually, and we made ourselves a land to live in. I originally, along with another Fox—A kitsune, My first ally in this new land had encountered the wonder of a small, hidden valley surrounded by steep mounts that lead into large, open caverns that hollowed out the mountain. In this valley, we met a Tree Spirit. I had never seen a tree spirit, yet it was as one could describe, a humanoid shape of a near-featureless body that appeared to be made of wood, bark, leaves, and such. It had no mouth, nor nose, The only features it had to behold on it’s body was it’s eyes. They were large, diamond-like piercing daggers of blue shimmering light… He spoke to us, not by word, but by the very thoughts of his mind. He told us his name was “Zerfall.” As oddly as it goes, and he made us a proposition. In exchange for protection of his beautiful valley forest and it’s creatures, we would be given this land as our home. So thus, we agreed, and before us grew out the largest tree we had ever seen… the size of a small tower, with branches that loomed over the whole valley… this came to be known as the “Mother Tree” . It kept the valley alive, and it kept it safe.. It kept the beasts of the land at bay, and it provided us with what we needed, it was as much a resident as us.

I personally opposed the whole Idea of colonization, but as more and more residents came to our land. We made a deal with Zerfall, and thus we had constructed a hamlet of ours. It had started from me building a cottage loft at the end of the forest where the trees began to end… Then the Kitsune had made a Den, digging under the mother tree’s roots. Eventually more and more people made their homes… Residents of our little Valley which I had taken a leadership over. However insignificant that was. We were a sort of Communistic tribe. We helped eachother and traded without want or need. Being a leader just meant that I had certain responsibilities, but anyone was as much a leader as me in the Canid Valley. The residents Included me, Jay the Kitsune, Zeeky the wolf, his mate Samuel, Twilight the Fox, The local Human, named Vincie, My own mate, Delta, Lionell, an odd case… Not exactly human, but not fur either. His skin was greyyed, and he was a lithe and eased over one. He had told us that he was a Troll, a being from another realm, and we opened our arms to him. He made himself a string of mines into the mountains, even though the valley had their own official mines near the front of my home, leading down deep into the earth.

It had been a hard harvest that year, and the winter was coming… The mother tree provided us warmth that could keep us in such a spirit that we were not opposed to literally walking nude in the snow with the fire in our hearts… Sadly, it costed us. And It required a Crystalline substance that was able to take the duress of a whole winter… We were out of diamonds. In a town meeting, in the small hall we had made, Arguments rose, “Who would go?” “We’ve dug so far, any further and we might cause something.” And so forth. The original myth of the land was that some untouched power had staked claim of the land long before anything of Mankind had noticed it, something deep, something darker than some intelligent beast, or undead monster. I took it up… I couldn’t dare let my town fall for a simple fear.

…That was three weeks ago…

I had been tunneling for ages; it seems, with enough picks broken to have built me a house down in here. It was not until the last day of the third week that I had encountered something that struck me with wonder… I picked through stone and gravel until I came across something not unlike the corner of a wall, made by smoothened cobblestone brick, upon brick, too perfectly shaped to be a natural occurrence.. And my curiosity at the end of 3 weeks in the darkness and dirt of stone tunnels had left me hungry, and blind for whatever lurked below.. With a giddy grin, and the sweat rolling down my face, my mining light clattering a little as I raised my pick, and brought it down with all the force in my torso onto the cobblestone, and once more… and again, and the bricks caved under me.. and finding my footing lost, I realized my error… Nothing this deep would have been made by my kin or anything that would dwell on the surface. A realization too late, as I fell into the well lit corridor of utter horror… Mossy cobblestone all about the floors, and the ceilings reaching up in a point as supports made of stone led into various corridors, torches illuminated the walls as glowing lines of vicious runes sparked red along the floor… Skeletons and bloodstains decked the halls as I looked around… adjusting my helmet and standing to my feet with wide, blinded eyes… I had not seen so much light in a good while.. And thus, as the noise behind me sounded metal to stone, I froze… a Cold sweat erupting over my body as my muscles felt like a vice.

The sight was something of which I wouldn’t ever forget, for it still chills my heart. A slender prince, sat upon a throne of stone and skulls wreathed in flame, ebon, indigo flesh, and muscle tensed under a set of torn crimson cloth and armor plates. Helm like a metal skull exposed, eyes gleaming like vicious lighting arcs in diagonal slits within the umbra of his hood.Propped against his arm rested a halberd made of pure diamond… blade shaped to mimic the teeth of some ancient beast. I had stood frantically as this fiend stood, my heart seeming to be fixated on leaping through my chest… Sword—Sword—I brought one, I brought one, where is it—He’s getting closer… Dear Goddess, he was getting closer, he was standing now, twirling the halberd, I began to panic, furiously I shook at my pack, tears streaming down my dust and dirt-sullen muzzle, whining frantically as suddenly the blade ripped through the fabric and launched from the force of my flinging the pack, delivering a square-on impact… right into the fiend’s hand.

At first this would have been a downturn on my part, blade lost, the beast only maddened by my attempt, but I realized, he’s hindered, the sheer adrenaline forcing me as I lunged, grabbing his halberd by the blade’s rear and bolting, grabbing my torn pack as it shook food and other contents loose, essentials that didn’t matter anymore—my life was at stake. Furiously—I let me feet patter against the stone halls without end, the wails and roars of the wounded fiend with his metallic footsteps against the cobble roads of this underground Necropolis as beasts of undead and unholy design seemed to dog me around every corner.

I had found refuge in a prison, evidently, the door remaining open, I had slid inside and crouched to the floor, clasping a hand across my mouth and gripping till my gums bled from my own teeth, waiting for the storming monster to pass as I noticed the skeletal form in the fold-out wooden bed clutching a folded, yellowed sheet between it’s fingers, and without hesitation, I plucked it. The tongue it was written in was scrawled, even for what it had been, whatever language, was illegible due to age, but the map it was written around wasn’t… It detailed the dungeon that I had found myself in, and with it, I had absconded, down the correct halls, bearing landmarks from their sheer picture, staring at the map as my heart beat faster and faster, ignoring all noises about. I had figured that if I had ran fast enough, they’d be sure enough to have a hard time catching up to me had I simply gotten away in time…

Where this poor soul had tunneled out I had found was shoddily rebuilt with loose cobblework, as I hastily gave it a firm boot, the wall giving way. Hastily I had crept my grime-ridden body into the hole I had made and quickly dug through my pack unearthing a small folding box full of red tubes—Explosives just enough left from blowing holes to tunnel faster.. I had simply taken the chunk of sticks bundled together and snapped a spark onto the wick, blindly running down this vast, dark hall of mined tunnels that hadn’t been touched in a hell’s age, tripping suddenly, my chin hitting the floor, my toe audibly cracking as I could do little but shriek out—But the adrenaline pushed me again. The thought of the TNT exploding and ending me before I even had a chance to return alive shook me enough to push against the pained foot of mine and run, furiously, hopping if anything to avoid tripping again as I rounded a crevice, slipping in and hugging my own arms as the rush of fiery air whizzed past my face, singing my cheek, an audible caving as the world seemed to shake..

A calm… a deathly calm… an hour or so had passed as I slipped out of the crevice... Panting, shaking… blinking furiously. A-coat with grime, sodden with dust and debris, left bruised, burned singed, cut, and a multitude of other things… I had slid open the case of my simple mining light, lighting the wick and shutting the glass, crushing the now-useless match under my torn-leather boot… starting on my way, still clutching the diamond pole-axe of the fiend from earlier.

About 3 days had passed by of me wandering through the tunnels without food or drink, and with a simple weak mining-light for sight. I had sat, given up hope entirely, my eyes unblinking, lip left hung… I was too dry to make any tears... how I wanted to… I went through that whole ordeal, I left my home to explore what I could only describe as hell, alone… survived, too, bruised, beaten, defeated—I still could not help my family and their families, my home, through all this I managed to find a simple slab of diamond, yet still it was not enough, and still I could not find my way home, This was my grave, this cold stone under me, as goosebumps trailed up my bare biceps, I shuddered. I would have atleast preferred a hot death.

My heart stopped—Not because I died mind you… Rustling… Crumbling… I spun around, lifting my mining light up to focus on what was making the noise as a cold sweat broke down my body, soaking the dirt and letting it feed into the fabric of my clothing.. Something was… digging, Yes, most definitely digging, disturbing the other side of the wall… the wall began to shake, crumble, and sift… it was coming through… I had come so far, to be killed by something from the dungeon because of my lack of drive… I let my arms sag.. as suddenly a rage filled me… I was going to take this thing down, if anything wound it, Dear Goddess, was I going to wound it.. as I brought my pick up… And waited, gripping till the leather creaked around the handle.. this thing had crumbled the wall…

I screamed out with a bloodcurdling howl as I swung the pickaxe down, striking some kind of metal—a sword—or the fiend! The fiend’s armor! He had returned… By the nine hells had I a vigor again as I swung side to side, cutting through the dusty, darkness, hoping to blindly leave a bloody swath in this thing. Whatever it was, my initial strike had set it to the ground with an audible thud and a grunt… I raised the pick up again, I wasn’t about to let it be.. The scream it uttered—the voice I hadn’t heard for a month… The voice I never thought I’d have the heavenly mercy to hear again…

“No! NO! PLEASE!” as I let the pick clatter to the ground… my mind dropping as I realized how weak I was… the wounds, the dirt, the hunger, the pain. All of it crashing down as I let my survival go… falling to my knees and ontop of him, smelling in deep as my snout made contact with his chest… Yes, It was him.

Silence befall us both for the longest time as we both lied there, whimpers and soft sobs the most of anything to come, hours it seemed before both of us stood up, onto our knees at the most… lips made contact in the dark.. not a single word, My lover… My dearest Delta had found me… the feel of his tender, youthful lips… hands trailing down his neck.. his broad shoulders, a man he was—a youthful, gorgeous being, hands exploring every single inch of his fit torso, softly toned, unspoiled, a diamond… all the diamond I needed in my home… he obliged.. and by god, was it a relief.. clothes shedding.. the sound of cloth rustling fur.. flesh slipping as lips repeatedly made contact, caressed, broke off.. rinse, repeat.. tongues came into play, dancing their prehensile, glossy lengths, our hips buried into eachother, groins in contact, pent up sexes throbbing viciously against eachothers, entwined in bumping, grinding and clawing embrace, making love right against the shield of the earth, bringing a life back to my heart like heaven had just enraptured my entire being.

We layed there, spent, panting, sweating, musk throughout the confined tunnels of these ancient shafts.. pressing foreheads, snouts, our breaths visible in the fading dark… arms and legs cradling eachother as tight as we could, not wanting to ever let go… as he suddenly brought his lamp up and lit it with a spark… illuminating both of us… he was as grimey as I had become… not as wounded, however.. as I lit my own lamp, we simply stared.. Ocean to Sky, blinking every now and then, smiles as our tails grazed eachother occasionally..

“…I knew you’d come.”

At that very moment a shark glint had made me squint.. I covered my periphery with my hand, as both our heads turned, eyes coming unsquinted… going wide as we let our jaws go agape.. glinting like a bastion in endless wasteland… A crystalline jungle… Massive spires of diamond glinting and glistening, veins of glorious crystal leading on for seeming miles.. our tails went flat as we beheld it all…

“I don’t—My light is off, what?” as I simply reached over and turned his light up to face the deep diamond-ridden tunnels just meters from us..

“…Ooh, Diamonds.”

The End. ~Foxycross